The Odour of Sdy Pools

Known as Sdy Pools, these natural rock formations sculpted by the tide are found within Sydney’s Royal National Park and attract swimmers, snorkellers and nature lovers. They also provide a great opportunity for whale and dolphin watching in their natural habitat. But despite their appeal, these pools can be treacherous: encounters with bluebottles, seaweed, shells and slippery rocks are not uncommon. The relatively wild swimming environments are not without their hazards and this was certainly the case for swimmers at a popular beachside pool in south-west Sydney on Friday. Six children and four adults were taken to hospital after a person inadvertently mixed two chemicals, resulting in a toxic cloud that smelled of chlorine and hydrochloric acid. Emergency services were called to the Swim2Me swimming facility at Prestons just before 5pm on Friday following reports of a strong odour of gas and chlorine with some swimmers experiencing shortness of breath.

A spokesperson for NSW Fire and Rescue said that the incident was not unusual, with people at commercial and private pools often inadvertently mixing chemicals. In this instance, a person had inadvertently mixed pool chlorine with hydrochloric acid, which is used to disinfect and sanitise pools.

The odour, which was described as being very unpleasant and sulphuric in flavour, caused breathing difficulties for many swimmers, including some who were unable to get out of the water. Police are investigating the incident. The swim centre is currently closed.

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